Welcome to the world of Tessie, Megan and Enya
- our three border collies!

This is a new website that is under construction. I am learning as I go along so it may take some time to complete it. I can imagine though that once you get started you get more and more ideas and want to change things to the better the more you learn, so there will probably always be something to improve!

What is this website all about you may ask? Well, I do not know yet exactly where it will lead me, but I can tell you this much... it will definitely be about our three dogs: Tessie, Megan and Enya! They are all border collies. Tessie is 10, Megan 8 and Enya 3 years old. 

I love taking photos and just cannot think of anything better to photograph than my three dogs, can you? All photos on this site, unless otherwise stated, have been taken by me.

So one thing is for sure, if you like looking at photos of border collies, you will not be disappointed! I guarantee that there will be plenty of photos on this website - not only of our three dogs but also of many of our canine friends. The more the merrier is my motto!





Vibeke Reimer Olsen 2006 Last update: 1 August 2006

 Enya as a young pup, 2003

Megan 2002
(photo: Per Dyrby)